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Much more than a city

The buzzing metropolis of Singapore offers shopping, food, and sights like no other place on earth. The city is alive with colours and lights, and out of town you’ll find the lush green Botanic Gardens, jungle treetop walks and incredible wildlife. From temples in Chinatown, to the bustling markets of Little India, to the impressive views of Marina Bay, this multicultural hot pot will leave you wanting a taste for more. And for sure there is more. Travel to Singapore island for a beach vacation, visit the wetlands with their nature and wildlife, Singapore got more to offer than you can imagine.

Historic Architecture

Beautiful heritage shophouses and colonial buildings contrast with dazzling city skyscrapers and modern shopping malls, showcasing Singapore’s iconic multicultural mix of old and new.

Local Charm

Singapore is made up of several districts, each with their own quaint character and charm. Rich in history and a colourful past, there is so much waiting to be uncovered.

Wildlife & Scenery

From stunning vertical gardens to fascinating waterfront sculptures, nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will not be disappointed by what Singapore has to offer. Being home to one of the best rainforest Zoo’s in the world, Singapore is a haven for wonderful wildlife.


Top Highlights

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Sihanoukville is Cambodia’s most popular beach town for foreigners and locals alike. It can be visited all year round for the cool breezes and clear blue skies. Sihanoukville has plenty of beaches, seafood restaurants, bars, temples, casino hotels and more. Local fisherman will happily take visitors to any one of the nearby islands perfect for snorkelling, diving and fishing.
Singapore is a contrast of traditional meets modern, fast meets slow and East meets West, offering a kaleidoscope of multicultural experiences presented in the heart of Southeast Asia. Singapore may be small, but it punches above its weight with opportunities. It has developed into one of the most dynamic and prosperous nations in the world. With ultra-modern infrastructures alongside the world’s busiest sea-ports, it commands an enormous global presence. Singapore offers an infinite patchwork of cultures, diverse cuisines, superb shopping and a vibrant nightlife scene. Heritage sights, a modern metropolis, eco-friendly hotels, technological prowess – Singapore offers all this and more. Globally accessible with direct flights to hundreds of cities worldwide, it’s no wonder Singapore is Asia’s most important business and leisure destination.
Legend has it that Singapore was founded by the Prince of Sumatra who named the place ‘Singapura’ which means ‘The Lion City. In 2nd century AD, the first settlement was established by the Sumatran Srivijaya Empire. Later between the 16th and the 19th centuries the area was controlled by the Sultanate of Johor. Modern Singapore was founded in 1819 by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, an agent of the British East India Company. Great Britain colonized the island and turned it into a major port for trading in Southeast Asia. During World War II, the island was conquered by the Japanese but then got defeated and Singapore became a British Crown Colony once again in 1946. In 1963, Singapore separated from Britain and joined the independent country of Malaysia. After only a couple of years, Singapore separated from Malaysia and became fully independent in 1965. Singapore is a republic with a democratic parliamentary system of Government based on the Westminster Model.
Singapore lies at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, about 85 miles (137 kilometers) north of the Equator. Singapore has no land borders and consists of the main island, which is Singapore and some 63 islets within its territorial waters. The main island is about 26 mi/42 km from west to east and 14 mi/23 km from north to south. It’s a mostly undulating country with low hills (the highest, 540-ft/166-m Bukit Timah Hill, is to the northwest of the city).
Like most of Southeast Asia, Singapore is mainly hot and humid all year round. Seasons are non-existent in this ‘Land of Eternal Summer’. Average temperature is between 31-33 C during the day and falls down to around 23-25C at night. There are two monsoon seasons: the North Eastern (Dry Season) from December to March and the Southwestern (Wet Season) from June to September. However, there is little distinction between ‘seasons’ with such little variation in temperature. The months of February to April fall within Singapore’s dry season and is typically when the country has the least amount of rain, the lowest humidity, and the most sunshine.
Singapore is a secular state with considerable religious tolerance. In fact, religions often cross racial boundaries and some even merge in unusual ways in this modern country. The Chinese are predominantly followers of Buddhism, Taoism, Shenism, Christians, Catholics and some considered as ‘free-thinkers’ (those who do not follow religion). Malays follow Islam and Indians, Hinduism. There are a number of Muslims and Sikhs in the Indian population. Ancient rites and customs are evident on the streets of Singapore with an abundance temples, mosques and churches all within short distances. Religion is a fundamental component which binds together, a cosmopolitan Singapore.
The demographic composition of modern Singapore reflects a complex and vibrant history of a mixture of nations that has grown out of successive waves of immigration stretching back nearly 200 years. Immigrants from the past are a mixture of Malays, Chinese, Indians, and Europeans, all of which have intermingled. There are no surprises that these ethnic communities formed enclaves in different areas of the country. What you see are colourful neighbourhoods representing each culture’s unique lifestyle, history and tradition, which is fascinating to see for visitors. As a historically immigrant society, the bulk of Singaporeans think of themselves as Singaporeans, regardless of race or culture.

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